The story of Laura: 
how wooden map 
made dreams true
“We’ve noticed that our friend became happier, when 
we bought the wooden map”, - 
the Laura's quests told.

Travellers are like a map with memories that are collected from different parts of the world.

These people with backpacks should be very responsible and remember about dates, laguage, roates. Important as it may be, travellers need to save all breathtaking memories from trips, flavors of local food and all exciting facts about the new county in their minds. How do they put all memories together?

Laura's story

Meet Laura, every evening she tells marvelous stories about her adventures to friends

Laura often travels, her guests love to consider souvenirs and photos from journeys. The problem is to count all the countries that Laura has ever visited. She can just mysteriously say: “Many countries”.
Wooden map was the solution of the problem
Some time ago Laura found the decision, she bought a wooden map. Now the traveler can mark countries which she’s already visited with special pins with flags. She uses red pins for countries which she’d like to visit in future.

Every time when friends come to Laura they learn the map to know what new country their friend has visited. Now it’s easier for Laura to tell stories about bright holidays in Spain, fishing in Norway, safari in Australia. The wooden map which is situated in the dining room is a favorite place in Laura’s home. She is proud of it because on the map she can see the greatness of her hobby.

“We’ve noticed that our friend became happier, when she bought the wooden map”, - the quests told.

“I helped to mark some countries with pins and it’s absolutely fabulous. Now I want to travel all over the world and visit even more countries than Laura. Ok, I’m joking, she’s the main traveller in our company. But I’d like to buy a wooden map too”
Katrin, Laura's friend
“Only recently I’ve known that our Laura visited Vietnam, she was rafting on the Mekong. I suppose she didn’t tell us about it because the journey was many years ago. So pins are a really good thing, you can remember even long-time trips”
Diego, Laura's friend
Dreams come true: adventures in Peru
The traveller received a very pleasant gift for her birthday from friends. It was a journey to Peru. Friends noticed red pins on the map and understood which gift would be the best for Laura. The trip to Peru was really wonderful. Laura visited a mysterious place called Machu Picchu, learned about Incаn and spent time with cute lamas. 

For whom wooden map is for?
If you're searching for the gift for a traveler you're on the right side
for travellers who want to show all their trips in a big map
for travellers who are planning to visit new countries. It’s useful to visualize them on the map

for travellers who are gonna to explore all over the world
for travellers who just love to mark favorite countries with different pins 

The benefits of the map:
– great choice of different types and colors of wooden maps
– harmonic colors
– 3D effect
– different types of pins, it’ll be easier to see which countries you’ve already visited and which you just dream about
– capitals
– additional details: oceans, planes and boats

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