Wooden Map Natural

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Wooden World Map - it will be a great gift for your friends, family or colleagues! This is also a great option for highlighting the walls in any room


Wooden Map Store - is improving itself and trying to do everything possible to satisfy your purchase

Our wooden map was created to make your apartment or office very, very beautiful (we checked). She replaced the old boring empty walls. It is hundreds of times better than any picture and much more interesting than photo frames. 

All other maps of the world are already fluttering before her.

Why exactly our map❓
To begin with, you will not find the same. This is a unique handmade wooden map! And you are lucky to find its manufacturers.


✔ M: 100 см x 60 см (39”x24")
✔ L: 150 см x 90 см (59”x35")
✔ XL: 200 см x 120 см (79”x47")

✔ XXL: 300 см x 170 см (118”x70’’)

Types of maps:


Map without country names and borderlines


Map with capitals of countries + states names of USA, Canada and Australia +


ocean names, wooden airplanes, boats and compass are included to the package.

Thickness: 6 mm
Material: birch plywood.


When choosing the room in which the map will be attached, consider the following factors:
• Increased humidity and sudden changes in temperature deform the tree, making it unusable and aesthetically not attractive
• Direct sunlight spoils the appearance of the map, distorting its true color and giving the effect of burnout.
The color of the map may vary slightly (be lighter or darker), as the card is made of natural wood. The difference in the color of the map from that shown in the photo is explained by the diversity of the structure of the tree and the natural property of the tree to give its own special pigment.

What is the product attached to❓
Elements of the map are sticked on the wall with adhesive tape (the principle is similar to double-sided tape, but the tape is denser and more reliable). The tape comes with the map.

How to choose a map❓

First you should decide on the size. If your wall is 3 meters or more, then the size of the XL-XXL will fit perfectly into it. If your room is compact enough (1.5 - 2 meters wall), then the size L is your option.
If you still have questions, it’s hard for you to make a choice, or you just want to tell us what a cool maps we have, then write to us. We will be happy to answer!