3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية
3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية

3D خريطة العالم خشبية طبيعية

سعر عادي $172.50 سعر البيع$69.00 يحفظ $103.50

  • في اسهم وأمبير. على استعداد للسفينة
  • جرد في الطريق

إذا كنت تحب الألوان الهادئة والهادئة ، فإن الخريطة الطبيعية هي الخيار الأفضل لك. رائحة الخشب اللطيفة ، والملمس الناعم ، والجودة الممتازة للخريطة تجعلها منتجًا مثاليًا.

منتجنا هو عنصر مصنوع يدويًا. نحن نولي اهتمامًا بكل التفاصيل ، ونختار أفضل خشب بتولا رقائقي ونستخدم طلاءًا فريدًا يحفظ تمامًا نسيج الخشب. يتم لصق عناصر الخريطة على الحائط بشريط لاصق ، والمبدأ مشابه للشريط على الوجهين ، لكن الشريط أكثر كثافة وموثوقية. الشريط يأتي مع الخريطة.

The box includes 

- wooden pieces to attach them like a puzzle

- additional wooden details like planes, boats, oceans and compass for Standard and Premium types

- instruction

- templates to keep the right distance between pieces

You can stick the map using double-sided tape. The box with the map includes it. Also you can find the instruction and templates in the box to keep the right distance between pieces.

You can remove the map from the wall by peeling off with a warm air of a hairdryer

We deliver worldwide, every item is delivered safely, maps are packed in reliable boxes. We separate maps into pieces and use special cardboard sheets for each piece to avoid damages. 

Please note, preparing time takes 3-6 business days. Usually we do everything possible to deliver your order asap. The process of delivery usually takes 8-10 business days. 

Free shipping is available, also you can choose express DHL shipping, the cost depends on the map’s size. Please notice that import taxes are possible  due to big dimensions of the package. The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. We are not responsible for them.

Remember your favorite trips

We are sure that you love traveling as much as we do. Remember your travels together with our map: attach pins and photos.

Install the map

and explore the world with Woodenmapstore

You can see the magic of appearing the USA

Especially for you, we design layouts, create new developments and check the quality of details.

Choose your map size

Your interiors are as different and unique as you are. We offer four sizes:

M: 100 cm x 60 cm (39”x24"")
L: 150 cm x 90 cm (59”x35"")
XL: 200 cm x 120 cm (79”x47"")
2XL: 300 cm x 170 cm (118”x70’’)

Map's types

Our maps are available in three types. Blank - a map without names, containing only the borders of countries. The Standard and premium options contain country names and additional details. What is the advantage of the Premium map? It includes Antarctica. 

Make your interior really cozy

Add a bright element to an empty wall. The map will not just become part of the interior, but will also remind you of trips and encourage you to new adventures.

Our features

Our main priority is excellent quality in every detail. We are constantly improving for our customers.

We become happy when you are happy

We are inspired to improve and get motivation for further development, reading your comments about our product from all over the world.

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